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Netherlands Company Incorporation

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Getting familiar with a new market, and setting up a business can be tricky. It requires knowledge of local (tax) legislation and regulations, culture, language, customs and habits. But also knowledge of factors like infrastructure, geography, politics and competitors. Knowledge that you need in order to conduct business fairly and successfully to create a sound foundation for growth.

What you need is an expert who means business, understands you, your company and your requirements, and is familiar with the local customs and protocols. An expert, that is able to act as your ‘country manager’ during the market entry phase, and even after.

Consider the Corporate Landscape

Setting up a company should be the easy part. But how do you go about it? Which legal entity should you incorporate? How do you structure your outgoing dividends while minimizing withholding taxes? Should you appoint of local director, or not? In case you act as a non-resident director, do you legally require to payroll yourself (and include a (taxable) salary)? Have you considered to register a branch, or limit your liabilities on a legal level? It’s hard to limit your legal liabilities, if you don’t have a full understanding of such liabilities when operating in the Netherlands.

Advantages of our incorporation service

As your country manager, we will discuss Company Formation as a first step on your Market Entry Strategy, and consider the following elements:

  • The notary requirements of the formation
  • How and when to appoint multiple shareholders/directors
  • Minimum office requirements
  • Selecting and protecting your Company Name
  • Getting a ‘business license’, etc. 

Process & Timeline

In the graphic below, you can see the timeline which applies when setting up your Dutch BV company*. You will have to keep these steps in mind when company formation In the Netherlands.

The top bar reflects the timeline for our most sold service, which includes support in obtaining a bank account and demands a visit to the Netherlands. The bar below (with dotted line) reflects the timeline for a remote formation, which could be of interest to you if you don’t need a Dutch Bank account. This will save you the trip to the Netherlands, but is more costly.

This might not apply to you, but many entrepreneurs are particularly interested in the ‘financial’ expectations. Therefore ODI has adopted a very transparent and cost-efficient pricing structure, which you can find in our Fee Schedule.

The Costs

Once you have decided to go ahead with the formation of the company, we will require information and documentation on the involved persons and companies. The simpler the corporate structure, the less information we will require. We will inform you of the exact requirements during the intake meeting/call that we will schedule with you. Please be aware that we will at least need the following documents:

Netherlands Company Formation Cost

What we need from you ?

We consider ‘company formation’ as a standalone service, but it’s part of the complete ‘incorporation’‘ of all resources that you require to successfully enter a new market. The advantage of working with ODI is that we have dealt with over 5.000 entrepreneurs and have established more than 1.000 companies in the last 10 years! Our substantial experience in dealing with non-resident or complex
structures, allows us to provide guaranteed expectations, and avoid unnecessary frustrations and delays dealing with notaries, tax offices, banks, and other involved parties. This is why On Demand International, as a one-stop-shop, is a preferred partner of global entrepreneurs who desire full assistance and assurances during their European company formation.

Are you not sure yet on the type of entity you like to establish, or which strategy to apply, contact us for a free consult!

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