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Netherlands emerging hub for Indian firms in Europe

Collaborations between India and the Netherlands dates back to over 1500 years. Indian spices, woven fabrics and handicrafts have been imputed by Dutch traders to sell to entire European markets since many centuries. Rotterdam in Holland has been and still is one of the largest trading seaports in the entire world.

Fast forward to modern times, Netherlands is again emerging as the entry point for many Indian exporters and business owners to sell to wider the affluent wider European market. Since borderless EU market, Indian and foreign companies are flocking again to shoes of Holland to market their goods and services in EU market.

Netherlands is a fast emerging hub for Indian textile and apparel, handicrafts exporters, chemical, pharmaceutical, life science, IT, R&D and engineering goods. Ease of doing business, low startup cost, no language barrier and availability of skilled personnel,. World,-class infrastructure, low tears and government incentives are few of the prime reasons for the resurgence of Holland as an emerging business hub for Indian and international companies alike.

On Demand International believes in delivering results! We ensure a deep commitment to cross-organizational work and provide a niche Dutch company. We have opened up a fast route to the European market for a number of multinational companies and SMEs. For details about the services we offer, you can contact our team of Netherlands company formation agents.

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