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Netherlands ranked as Europe's number 1 desirable logistics location

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The Netherlands is a hub for foreign logistics and distribution. In fact, the Netherlands is the true gateway to Europe, with a rich European and regional distribution center covering a wide range of industries including agriculture/food, fashion and medical technology.


Driven by world-class seaports, central airports and extensive modern road and highway networks, the Dutch logistics infrastructure and top logistics service providers are the main assets of companies wishing to establish an international logistics/distribution business in Europe. In addition, 170 million consumers can be reached within 24 hours in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, making the Netherlands a perfect springboard for entering the European market.


Coupled with the Dutch-supported corporate tax structure, highly educated, multilingual workforce, strong supply chain and advanced supplier network, it is no wonder that large multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, IBM, Huawei and Tommy Hilfiger chose the Netherlands as their logistics and distribution network. . Europe manages its supply chain or develops its e-commerce business.

Do you want to enter the European market? Choose the Netherlands and cover 244 million consumers within 1,000 km. The Netherlands is your reliable partner to introduce to Europe. With world-class airports, top harbours and highways, rail and broadband networks. When you want to enter the European consumer market, you want to get advice from trusted partners. On Demand International will help you find the right path to successful entry into the European market.

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