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Netherlands: The International Hub for Fashion & Apparel

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a real fashion center with more than 100 fashion houses. Hip, new brands, and iconic designers have all come together in the Amsterdam region to take advantage of the benefits of doing business here, and the city is proud to be the denim capital of the world.

Home to headquarters

The Netherlands is a home to design, production, wholesale and retail companies. In addition, many fashion labels have chosen Amsterdam as the location of their (European) headquarters.

The Dutch fashion sector Facts and Figures

The Dutch clothing and textile sector is a sector of € 20 billion that offers employment to 100,000 people in the Netherlands and 60,000 people in other countries working under contract to Dutch companies.

Garments - consisting of consumer clothing (40%), sportswear (5%) and work clothing (5%) - account for about half of the turnover in the Dutch textile and clothing sector. The other half of the sector is equally divided between household textiles (25%), including carpets and furniture, and technical textiles (25%).

Non-Dutch companies active on the Dutch market account for about half of all clothing sales. Trade and production companies, many of which are members of the three Dutch trade associations, generate the largest part of the turnover. A small but growing proportion of turnover can be attributed to companies whose main activities are not textile or clothing, such as e.g. supermarkets.

The clothing and textile sector has a long history in the Netherlands, with Leiden, Twente, and Brabant as the most important regional hubs. Although some production still takes place in the Netherlands, most garments and textile products are produced outside the country and the European Union.

Top 5 Reasons to set up company In Europe

Ease of Doing Business:

The Netherlands is ranked one of the easiest places to start and run a new business

Low Startup Cost:

Only EUR 1 required as share capital to open a company.

Great Infrastructure:

The Netherlands has one of the best roadway,- seaports and airports In Europe.

Accessibility to EU Market:

Located in the center of Europe, all European markets are very nearby.

Attractive Tax Regime:

One of the best corporate incomes In Europe.

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