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European Supply Chain Solutions

The Netherlands is your ideal partner for building a European supply chain. The Netherlands is an expert in supply chain design and implementation. Since the 16th century, the Netherlands has been an international hotspot for global and European trade. We know the best way to build a supply chain to enter the European market.

Excellent infrastructure, major ports, extensive international trade knowledge, highly educated and multilingual workforce, and preferential tax conditions such as VAT extensions make the Netherlands an ideal partner for establishing a European supply chain.


We know how to connect

  • Need to know how to build your European supply chain? How to send your products to European consumers?
  • What does one got to do to attain this?

With more than 400 years of international trade experience, the Netherlands not only understands the way, but also knows how to connect with the right partners in Europe.
We will help you determine the supply chain model that works best for your company.
Getting the right balance between minimizing costs and maximizing customer service is the starting point for determining the best configuration for your company. With no identical products and many ways to enter the European market, the Netherlands will help you find a customized European supply chain solution for your products.

Nearly 244 million consumers located in the heart of Europe, the Netherlands has the advantage of a quality business district and a quality logistics centre that can cover 170 million consumers within 500 km and 244 million consumers within 1,000 km. This has made the Netherlands an attractive place to operate in a European distribution centre, thus becoming the top European warehouse and storage location in the European market.

With a rich Dutch infrastructure, you will have the best European logistics network. Whether it is air, water, rail or road. Our knowledge and expertise in the European transportation sector will enable you to enter Europe smoothly. Make sure your product is quickly distributed to the hinterland.


Please contact us for more information regarding Netherlands Company Formation.

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