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Open a Travel Agency in the Netherlands

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A relatively small country on the map of the Netherlands, the Netherlands is undoubtedly fascinating. The Netherlands has canals, windmills, beautiful tulips and colourful old houses that blend modernism and serenity, history and adaptability. Foreign investors who want to open a travel agency in the Netherlands will not choose this country because it gives us unforgettable names such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, but also because it is very convenient and investor friendly.

The regulation of the Dutch travel agency is the same as any other business in the Netherlands. There are several key steps in setting up a Dutch company, and our Netherlands Company Formation consultants can help you with every step.

How to open a travel agency in the Netherlands?

The first step before merging the new company is to choose a name for the new travel agency. Trademarks can be registered and protected throughout Europe, preferably by registering a company name to ensure that no other competing travel agency or company uses a similar name. Recognition is important. In the early days, any travel agency wanted to stand out from the competition. Our Dutch BV Company Formation Consultants can help you keep your company name.

Any type of company in the Netherlands needs to be registered with the Dutch Trade Registry and also to register for VAT. Our firm in the Netherlands can provide professional accounting services in the Netherlands and can provide you with complete information about Netherlands Company Formation.

According to the size of the travel agency, office space is also needed. Although Amsterdam is the heart of the Netherlands, other cities such as The Hague, Leiden or Rotterdam can be a great option for renting or buying a home in the Netherlands. You may want to consider spending your business and hiring employees.



Traveling in the Netherlands


Travel agencies in the Netherlands have great potential for development and expansion. The services offered to customers can be diverse and attractive and can include both internal and external travel packages. Depending on the size of the agent and its target customers, the service may include more sophisticated services such as consulting, ticketing, booking and insurance, and special holiday packages.

The Netherlands offers many business opportunities and our International Market Entry Specialist are able to provide all the necessary legal services. For more information on investment legislation, please contact On Demand International.

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