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Opportunities to invest in the German Chemical Park

The German chemical park offers a wide range of business opportunities for foreign investors who choose to invest here. From waste management solutions to preferential prices for customs, to sophisticated infrastructure, these parks are designed to meet the needs of companies engaged in the production and supply of basic and specialty chemicals. Investors can open a German company in this business area through the following key steps.

Choose the advantages of the German chemical park

Foreign investors who set up a company in a chemical park in Germany can use modern and well-developed logistics infrastructure, including not only the actual chemical distribution and transportation systems, but also the arrangements needed to open a company in Germany, such as selected parks. Existing building space or rented laboratories, storage and production space.

Germany has always encouraged research and development, especially the chemical industry has always been an efficient field. Foreign companies coming to the German chemical park can engage in various industrial and research activities. The total number of chemical parks in Germany is impressive, with 34 such designated areas throughout the country. Most of them are fenced, the most concentrated park in the North region. These parks provide solutions for a variety of business models and provide solutions for investment planning and construction of waste water treatment, industrial safety, environmental services, analytical and testing services, and product storage.

Companies operating in the German chemical industry need to apply for relevant permits and permits. One of our agents specialize in German Company Formation can guide you throughout the process.

For more information on how to open a company in one of Germany's chemical parks, please contact us.

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