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Setting Up a Dutch Holding Company In The Netherlands

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This Dutch holding company has proven to be the ideal structure for many different companies. Dutch laissez-faire behavior provides companies with little or no regulation, minimal taxation, and often eases the pressure on many entrepreneurs. In this article, we will analyze the main features and benefits of opening a Dutch holding company.

What is a Dutch holding company?

The Dutch holding company is a company that aims to “hold” shares of other companies with the aim of controlling or even absorbing them. The holding company acquires voting rights by purchasing enough shares in the existing company, so that it can influence the company's behavior if it does not fully control the company's behavior.

What are the benefits of the Dutch holding company?

Although holding companies generally have many benefits, their advantages are even more pronounced when they are located in the Netherlands.

Low tax rate

Holding companies often face low taxes because they only invest in their equity, not a fully operational business. In addition, some companies may be completely tax-free based on their income.

Minimal overhead

The overhead is the monetary cost of the operating company. This can include employee salaries, office rents, sales teams, and any other fees used to run and organize the business. Since the holding company relies on the foundation of the established business, they have the lowest management fees.

Easy to set up

Establishing a Dutch holding company is a relatively simple process. The Dutch holding company can be classified as a limited liability company or a limited liability partnership. The minimum capital limit for a limited liability company is 1 Euro, and the limited liability partnership does not have a minimum capital requirement.

The Netherlands is still one of the most advantageous places for the establishment of European companies. If you would like more information on how to establish a holding company in the Netherlands, please contact our Netherlands company formation experts.

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