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Should your business consider European expansion?

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Europe has become a hot spot for global expansion, especially for companies looking for a more collaborative approach to economic growth. Europe is an exciting place for business leaders to provide a barrier-free culture, a wealthy population and a stable economy that are necessary for growth. If you are considering a European expansion, here are some questions to help determine if the target area is right for your company.

Do you have the ability to open a company in Europe?

The most important part of preparing for European expansion is proper business analysis. Going global is a “big business that could disrupt existing business activities.” Therefore, policymakers and business leaders must truly understand their impact on business, challenges and benefits. It's important to prepare for the additional challenges your team may face before you begin to plan for expansion. Any type of global expansion requires additional staff time, planning and funding before you begin to reap the rewards of new customers. Make sure your company has the ability to do this before entering.

Have you chosen the right market?

One of the advantages of Europe company formation is the free flow of goods through the EU (although this free movement may stagnate after the UK leaves the EU). Once you are part of the alliance, you can sell your goods or services anywhere in the EU, giving your business access to nearly 500 million customers.

Do you know European customers?

Since you are already familiar with this culture, it is relatively easy to understand the habits of customers in your country. To understand how customers treat your European expansion and marketing plans abroad, more work may be needed. Make sure you spend a lot of time and effort researching the market because it may be the difference between expanding success and failure.

Confident in your European expansion

These questions can help you determine if you are ready to acquire customers and increase revenue through European expansion. Working with experienced partners can help alleviate the stress and complications of expansion.

Services such as International Market Entry Specialist can help you gain quick access to markets in Europe. On Demand International has infrastructure established across the EU and (across the globe) to help your company expand fast, easy, and affordably. If you’re ready to test the market in a European country, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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