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South African entrepreneurs are now expanding their business to Germany

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Foreign investors are now beginning to realize the opportunities offered by Germany. The country's strong economic and political status and the fact that it claims to have the largest market, population and economy in the EU means that entrepreneurs focus on building a solid and stable business structure and often seek to do business in Germany.

The German economy is mainly based on small businesses. According to the statistics of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany, there are 3.72 million companies nationwide, of which 99.5% are small or medium-sized enterprises.

If you are a foreign investor and want to open a German company, then you have many choices: branch, UG, private limited liability company. At On Demand International, we can make it easy for you to create any German company of your choice, from exclusive traders to partners.


What are the main types of business entities in Germany?

  • Simple structure for startups & private companies (UG)
  • Limited liability company (Gmbh)
  • Stock corporation (AG)
  • Partnership
  • Sole trader

For any further information about Germany Company Formation- notary advice, accountants, VAT and visas - or to discuss your plans for setting up a business, please call us on +91-9599293700 or email us from our contact page and we’ll be happy to help.

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