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The best entrepreneurial city in the Netherlands

With its history of innovation and an excellent digital infrastructure, Holland has the largest start-up ecosystem in Europe.

The Hague

The International Centre for Justice and Peace is currently the largest security and safety cluster on the European continent because it has many embassies and international organizations and about 400 security companies. The Hague Safe Delta Campus supports start-ups in the field of cyber security by providing living laboratories, office space and training facilities.


Rotterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands, second only to Amsterdam. It has the largest and most active shipping port in Europe. Rotterdam has long been considered a great location for start-ups in recent years. Last year, it was named by the Financial Times as the right place to launch a new business. As a shipping center, Rotterdam encourages the development of start-ups specializing in port-related technologies. They got the help of a dedicated innovation lab founded by YES! Delft incubator and port of Rotterdam.


Utrecht is located in the heart of the Netherlands and is dedicated to healthy people, minds and the environment. It maintains one of the most sustainable and healthiest living environments in the world, providing exceptional quality for business and life.

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The capital of the Netherlands is a global destination for business, known for its scenic canals. Known as the capital of continental start-ups, it provides all the necessary ingredients to transform the idea of ​​a start-up into a multi-billion dollar business. Amsterdam has top European accelerators such as Startup bootcamp and Rockstart, as well as giants such as Salesforce, Uber and Google.

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Utrecht is the heart of the Netherlands, and Eindhoven and its Brainport area are undoubtedly the brains of the country. Eindhoven is a high-tech development and design centre with a vast network of research and development and academic facilities, such as the High-Tech Park and its Holst Centre, known as Europe's smartest square kilometers, and Eindhoven Technology the University.

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