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The best opportunity for Chinese companies to do business in Europe

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The Netherlands is considered one of the strongest European Union member country. Through its huge investment in building business infrastructure and strong policy framework, Netherlands has become the epicenter economic activates of the global world. With proximity to almost all major EU countries by road such as Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark and many more, setting up your European base in the Netherlands simply makes good business sense. Apart from its attractive location and infrastructure, Netherlands hosts an amazing business environment as well. Dutch corporate tax rates are extremely low as compared to other EU countries with straightforward compliance pre-requisites.

EU still remains a major trading partner of Chinese goods and services. As the Chinese economy is currently going through a down-turn and US trade wars, more and more businesses are looking to incorporate a local company in Europe to sell to their clients locally. Netherlands is a preferred destination for Chinese businesses as they can now own 100% company in the Netherlands. You can now register a BV (private limited) company in the Netherlands with only 1 Euro capital. Chose from On Demand International low-cost Netherlands Company Incorporation plans and get started in 15 days or less. This is a great opportunity for you to build a European credibility and reputation for your company and most importantly service your key clients locally by providing local shipping, Euro currency invoicing and much more.

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