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The Incorporation Process of German Gmbh

If you are planning to do business in Germany, we strongly recommend that you establish your legal entity company. The limited liability company is the most common form of all new companies incorporated in Germany and can be compared to French Sàrl, Spanish SL or the UK-famous private limited company. Most foreign investors join a limited liability company to set up a representative office in Europe to enable them to start and grow sales operations in Germany and other parts of Europe

The German limited liability company successfully established the contract of establishment and the company charter signed by the director in front of the official German notary. A limited liability company can also be represented by more natural persons. These representatives must hold a power of attorney, which must also be notarized by a German notary.

To complete the German company formation process, New Germany Ltd. must be registered with the local Chamber of Commerce. For the final registration, the general manager must sign the application in front of the German notary. The notary proves the signature, informs the general manager of their duties, and finally files the application.


After the business registration, the limited liability company becomes a legal entity and obtains full legal capacity. In addition, newly established limited liability companies must also be registered with the local trade office. A limited liability company can start its business without a final registration, but the shareholder's liability limit will only take effect when the registration is submitted.



Germany GmbH is the most extensive company form. Its shareholders are not personally responsible for the company's debt.

A person must establish a limited liability company and become a shareholder. A notarization agreement must be established between the shareholder and New Germany Ltd. The shares of a limited liability company are not reflected in the certificate and cannot be quoted on the stock exchange. However, they can be transferred through appropriate notarized documents.

The name of a limited liability company must be from the purpose of the business or the name of the shareholder and must include the abbreviation "GmbH". The company legally implemented and actively participated in the company's registration office.

A limited liability company must appoint at least one managing director (Geschäftsführer), who may also be a shareholder of the company. The general manager is the only person who has the right to represent the company.

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