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The Netherlands is one of the world's largest traders

The Netherlands has a very good location in Europe and its main trading partner is the most important and powerful country in the European Union. Foreign investors doing business in the Netherlands usually choose to trade. The Dutch have recently been recognized as one of the most important traders in the world.

The 2014 Global Trade Launch Report released by the World Economic Forum ranked the Netherlands first, making the country the most successful trader in the world, as well as Singapore and Hong Kong. The Netherlands continues to develop and improve its trade routes and options. The report clearly shows that the business unit is becoming more successful every year. In 2010, the Netherlands ranked 10th. In 2012, the country ranked 7th. The Dutch team successfully entered the top three this year.

Investing in the Dutch trade department

These figures clearly show that the import and export activities in the Netherlands have been very successful. The country has modern infrastructure, which may be a key detail in promoting Dutch trade activities. The country has the most developed port infrastructure in the world and Rotterdam is one of the largest ports in the world.

The Global Trade for Trade Report also focuses on analyzing the quality of services provided by countries. A total of 138 countries were surveyed and tested in accordance with policies, institutions and countries to promote the free flow of goods. The results underscore the fact that the Netherlands has one of the most open economies in the world. According to the Dutch tax system, the Netherlands' import tariff is the lowest in the world.

Import and export activities in the Netherlands are supported by a strong transport infrastructure. The Netherlands ranks high in the quality of its port and air transport infrastructure and has a quality transport infrastructure compared to other EU member states.

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