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The Netherlands is still the preferred EU investment destination

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The Dutch business environment has improved as the country has successfully maintained its position as one of the preferred countries for EU foreign direct investment. The country ranked fourth in the rankings published by Ernst & Young. According to the same source, confidence in the country’s investment has improved. Our Dutch company formation team can provide you with more detailed information on current investment conditions.

The biggest investment in Amsterdam

Amsterdam remains the country of choice for receiving foreign direct investment (FDI). According to the same ranking, the city received 152 foreign direct investment projects in 2017, and about 42 such projects in Rotterdam and The Hague – this is an important difference.

For the source of foreign direct investment in the Netherlands in 2017, US companies have the largest share, accounting for 88% of the total, followed by China and the United Kingdom. As far as the UK is concerned, the Netherlands seems to be a preferred location for those considering the relocation of companies headquartered in different countries after the Brexit.

Improve overall business confidence

According to the same Ernst & Young report, business confidence and foreign investors' confidence in the Dutch financial environment is rising, and the latter has even reached record levels. More than 80% of respondents in the survey (81% more accurate) said they believe the country will maintain an attractive financial environment. This is an important increase compared to the previous 67%.

The Netherlands is not only a country with a high score in foreign direct investment. The Dutch are also one of the happiest citizens in the world.

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