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The Netherlands is the World- Leading exporters of Agri-food Products

The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agricultural products in the world after the United States. The Netherlands has more than 5,300 companies in this critical area - from farm to fork. In fact, 12 of the world's largest agricultural/food companies have major production or R&D bases in the Netherlands, including Cargill, Heinz, Monsanto, Unilever, Mead Johnson, ConAgra, Mars and more. Agricultural enterprises are one of the driving forces. The Dutch agricultural sector is diverse; it covers a wide range of livestock and plant growing sectors including, for example, arable land and dairy farming, glass cultivation, tree planting, and pig farming.

Key aspects and strengths

  • The Dutch agricultural sector benefits from the mild climate of the Netherlands, the flat fertile soil and the excellent location of the European center. 
  • Dutch expertise, infrastructure, food processing, business, and logistics are all at an extremely high level.
  • For decades, Dutch agriculture has successfully maintained its leading position to international competitors through continuous investment in agricultural production chains.
  •  Farmers and growers are full partners in the agricultural production chain. Their main task is to use innovative, socially responsible and sustainable methods to produce food, flowers, and plants at the best price/quality of the radio.
  •  Despite the low-profit margins, agribusinesses have invested heavily in environmental protection and implemented improvements in animal welfare.
  •  The Dutch agricultural food R&D investment rate (% of GDP) ranks second in Europe.
  •  Four of the world's top 25 food and beverage companies are Dutch and 12 have major production sites or research and development facilities in the Netherlands.
  •  The Food Valley area at Wageningen University and Research Center is one of the most authoritative agricultural food and nutrition research centers in Europe.
  •  NIZO Food Research has the largest food testing pilot plant in Europe and is open to the entire food and ingredients industry.
  •  Dutch agricultural entrepreneurs use efficient and sustainable production systems and processes with productivity five times higher than the European average.
  •  The Netherlands has approximately 50,000 farmers or agricultural entrepreneurs in a variety of crop and animal sectors, such as arable land (crops), dairy farming and pig farming.

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Why the Netherlands?

Best Location: Access to 95% of Europe most lucrative consumer market.

Superior Infrastructure: An extensive network of Railways, Highways, Seaports, and Airports.

Excellent Business Climate: Home to 8000+ International Companies.

No Language Barriers: 98% of the population speaks English.

Benefits of European Company

  • Build customer trust with an International Presence
  • Opportunity to increase your sales 10 times.
  • Europeans prefer to buy from European companies
  • Be closer to your customers
  • Access to Entire EU Region

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