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The Netherlands Supports Innovative Companies

The Netherlands is known for its well-developed innovation sector and skilled workforce in the same field. However, the government has never stopped supporting innovative companies and created a new fund last year that will help such companies open stores abroad. The fund is suitable for start-ups and mature companies. Our European company formation consultants can assist foreign investors interested in setting up a company in the R&D industry. Many government-backed companies operate in a variety of industries by developing innovative systems or applications that can be used to improve service quality. These companies operate in the logistics, agriculture, import and export, transportation, education and healthcare industries.

The government helps to develop the high-tech industry in the Netherlands

One of the advantages of the Netherlands is the developed logistics network, which enables Dutch companies to expand their business overseas. With the right training and support, innovative companies can bring products out of the local market and attract other investors who are interested in setting up a company here, especially since the government is also keen to develop other technologies that contribute to high-tech systems integration project in many economic sectors as possible.

If you are interested in setting up an innovative company, you can contact our International Business Advisors for assistance.

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