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The Transport Sector in the Netherlands at its Bloom

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The Netherlands has a developed and successful transportation sector. Although Dutch companies involve transportation in all sub-sectors, road transport companies have the largest turnover. They are influenced by the evolution of other sectors (ie trade or construction). Our offshore company formation experts can provide you with all the details about the country's transportation laws and import and export company requirements.

Dutch Transport Department


The Dutch bank’s recently published report on the transport sector highlights its main strengths and areas for improvement. The report covers all areas related to Dutch transport, including road, water and air transport. Due to the small number of bankruptcies in 2016, the volume of freight has hit the largest increase, and the development of the industry is considered to be generally positive.


The report shows that road transport opportunities seem to come from the construction and retail industries. The expansion of the construction industry in 2016 led to an increase in demand: in 2016, the turnover of road transport companies increased by 2.8%. Similarly, the total volume of goods shipped in 2016 increased by 2.5%.


Transportation takes place between road and water transport, which fall into two categories: sea and inland shipping. Last year, the overall turnover of road transport companies increased significantly.

Investment in the Dutch transport company

The Netherlands welcomes foreign investment and provides the same investment rights to local investors and foreigners. Companies need to comply with registration, profit tax and annual accounting and reporting requirements.

Foreign investors wishing to open a Dutch transportation company in Netherlands can talk to our market entry experts to learn more about licensing and the laws for moving certain categories of goods.

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