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What kind of company can you open in the Netherlands?

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When exploring the options for opening a new business in the Netherlands, it is important to choose the right legal entity for your business. Since each country has its own business structure and regulations, it is recommended to carefully review the pros and cons of the various domestic companies. Legal entities are often structured differently: the number of shares, the number of partners involved, independence, and tax regulations.

We list 6 types of companies in the Netherlands.

1. Dutch BV Company Formation

According to the recently revised “Company Law”, if your minimum share capital is 0.01 Euro, you can register such a company. There are a number of requirements related to the board of directors and local corporate headquarters that are “substantial” requirements as described by local regulations, and our On Demand International company is able to provide all necessary services to foreign merchants.

The Dutch BV is one of the most selected legal entities for foreign entrepreneurs. Contact us to see your situation and get personalized recommendations.

General partnership

This type of business applies to companies with two or more partners who are unified in the same name and have the same economic goals and are infinitely liable for the company's debt. They share profits and they don't have to provide a minimum share capital, such as the Dutch BV. If there is a debt that cannot be borne by the company's funds, the creditor can take the personal assets of each ordinary member of the partnership.

Netherlands Limited Partnership

To register another form of partnership, a Dutch limited partnership requires at least two partners - a general partner with unlimited liability and management decisions - and a silence that must be funded and the responsibility is limited to its contribution.

Professional partnership

A professional partnership consists of two partners, at least they are responsible for their own claims. This kind of business is the first choice for professional rather than commercial.

Public liability company

This type of business is suitable for large investments and requires a share capital of 45,000 euros. The shareholders' meeting is responsible for management decisions. The manager's committee will be responsible for day-to-day decisions.

Branches / Subsidiary


A branch or subsidiary of a foreign company. The main difference between these two forms of business is the degree of independence of the local branch or subsidiary associated with the parent company.


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