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Why should I start a business in the Netherlands?

As the gateway to Europe, the Netherlands has a stable economy, a stable government and good infrastructure. The country not only has a very favorable business environment, but is also a good place for expatriates to live. As a result, the Netherlands has 12 “Fortune 500” listed companies, and several major IT and data center companies have already done business here. The Dutch economy is open to foreign investors and investment is not subject to specific government regulations. Entrepreneurs have a lot of opportunities to build businesses that fit their needs. Most importantly, having a highly skilled, multilingual and flexible staff and tax regulations that benefit the business makes the Netherlands an interesting place for foreign companies.

We help clients to build & grow their business in European Market

On Demand International provide a wide range of Netherlands company formation services specifically designed to help companies, organizations and individuals capitalize on the many benefits that can be achieved from operating a business from a European location. We specialize in Europe Company Formation and offer our clients an extensive range of services, to a fully integrated company formation, which means that your business, no matter how big or small, can benefit from the extensive European company experience and expertise of our team. We have a team of extremely accomplished and seasoned professionals, who have experience and skill in determination all kinds of company formation problems and cases. Our experts have specialization in the the intricate field of company formation and incorporation and they have the knowledge and contacts to ensure that the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

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