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Why Start a Business in the Netherlands?

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When we think of the Netherlands, we think of a variety of symbols and traditions: windmills, cheese, tulips, Amsterdam and its world-famous openness. But the Netherlands means business, and there are many reasons why the Netherlands has become the country of choice for many foreign investors.

An important geographical advantage in the Netherlands

We can say that the Netherlands is a crossroads of European business. Its strategic location makes it a good place in Europe to conduct business relations with one of Europe's most powerful and developed countries. The country also has good communication with the Middle East and African markets.

Accessibility and excellent infrastructure make the Netherlands the most competitive economy in the world.

The favorable financial environment of the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for its favourable financial environment. The Dutch tax system has certain characteristics that are beneficial to foreign and local investors.

Entrepreneurs who wish to open a Dutch BV company in the Netherlands should be aware that the Dutch Commercial Law recognizes that there are five types of companies.

The Dutch corporate income tax rate is 20% of the previous 200,000 Euros and 25% of the taxable profit of more than 200,000 Euros. Debt and loss structures and a reduction in the withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties also have certain advantages.


The Netherlands also offers a special 30% ruling for employees recruited from abroad to work in the Netherlands. This allows employers to obtain a 30% reimbursement of foreign employee salaries tax-free.

Dutch international climate and valuable workforce

The Netherlands is an important trading center in Europe. From the Netherlands you can easily reach important countries, and the country also has the largest port in Europe: the Port of Rotterdam. These characteristics make the Netherlands an ideal choice for import and export business.

In addition, European companies may choose to have their headquarters in this central and pro-commercial European country.

In addition to a good business environment, the Netherlands also has one of the most efficient labor in Europe. Employees are highly educated, flexible, hardworking and face new challenges.

All of the above advantages are achieved through a high standard of living.

If you wish to open a new business in the Netherlands or wish to expand your existing business through a branch or subsidiary, our Netherlands Company Formation Specialist can provide you with other valuable information about the Dutch investment environment.

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