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Work and Live in Portugal by setting up your own company

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Free market economy

Foreigners are welcome and no special restrictions are imposed on foreign shareholders or directors of Portugal. The country has signed agreements with more than 50 other countries to protect and promote investment, and has reached agreements with 79 countries to avoid double taxation.

Portugal also offers low operating costs, including a highly educated population (42% of whom use at least one foreign language), a skilled but cheap workforce (50% of the EU's average cost), and a highly developed infrastructure and communication network. Last but not least, the country is a potential gateway to the market of approximately 250 million people in Portuguese speaking countries and communities.

The most popular format used by non-resident investors is the social dominance quota (Lda), a company limited by shares (called “quota”) and has no minimum capital requirement, and is a branch of a non-resident enterprise. There is no independent legal personality. In terms of taxation and compliance, the branch is treated like a domestic company in practice; however, there is no requirement to submit a “parent company” account in Portugal, and unlike domestic companies, branches do not need to be taxed to distribute profits to the “parent company”. This illustrates the popularity of certain types of investments.

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