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Your chances of growth: the best place to expand your business in the world

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As the world changes day by day, globalization is in full swing. If a company only focuses on a target audience or a specific location, then the company can truly lag behind its competitors. Most startups, midsize companies or large companies must find the perfect social networking site and the best place for international expansion. Fortunately, many cities have become new possibilities in global scenarios, which means it can not only set your next position in London, New York and San Francisco. There are many other cities that offer different levels of expertise based on the industries they care about the most. You can easily expand the international reach of your business, brand or product.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands welcomes all entrepreneurs from all over the world to do business as foreigners. For centuries, we have been able to rely on international business. For example, in addition to our native Dutch, the Dutch speak fluent English.

As an “On Demand International” we can open your Dutch company in the distance. Therefore, as a foreigner doing business in the Netherlands, you do not need to travel to the Netherlands. How easy is this?

All we need is to fill out a small list and send us your copy passport and address information. We can do business in the Netherlands as a foreign company.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a city where many new companies are heading to the international arena. Having a real street address has a huge advantage. It is rumored that Berlin has become the new Silicon Valley, with the world's fastest growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. This makes it a popular destination for businesses operating in almost any industry, such as marketing, media or e-commerce. The atmosphere of Berlin is very young, multicultural, creative and open, inspiring the sense of tolerance of people from all over the world. Talent and innovation are welcome because the people of Berlin are ready to try new things, not just looking for qualifications and degrees. Living in Berlin is very comfortable, because the rental price is extremely low compared to other German cities (or European cities), so you can get a lot of income. Berlin's infrastructure is very good and it is constantly improving its plans. This is because the city has won a large number of investors and built many new shopping centers and apartment buildings to meet high demand.

If you are doing business in Germany, here is a guide on market opportunities and how to develop German regulations for foreigners.


The Portuguese economy is dominated by agriculture, tourism and trade. In fact, Portugal is an important partner in international trade. In addition, Portugal is known for producing softwood, oak and olive oil. Incentives for the formation of foreign companies in Portugal, such as the development of renewable energy, especially solar energy. In addition, foreign investors willing to set up a company in Portugal can seek help from the Portuguese Investment and Foreign Trade Bureau to learn more about the formation of companies in Portugal.

For more details on company formation in Europe, please contact our local experts.

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