Technology Consulting Case Study 1

Technology consulting

A leading public health company approached ODINT. The client was aiming to build a healthcare mobile platform to integrate field force. The aim was to build mobile first health platform which will be used for patients visiting public health providers.

How ODINT approached this problem:

Our enterprise application and data scientist collaborated and we came with a solution. The main areas of concerns were integrating patients, practitioners, field force workers on one single collaboration platform.

We attempted to furnish to the overall workflow that covered registration, appointments, medical history, systemic reviews, vitals, care plan as well as plan adherence. 

With AI and ML, we mapped all the device kits to a clinical room that helped up collect the information from both inside and outside the clinic. With the data collected, we were able to forecast what type of care plan will be perfect for a particular patient. 

Solution achieved:

Our team was able to store all the health records as well as other vitals and all the other health related information. Also, with our technology, we were able to share health records and diagnosis data securely.

Using optimization, patients were given with the right “care plan” that consists with medication, lifestyle changes as well as all goals that will be based on all the history and are all the vitals. 

We also set up an Executive Dashboard which helped clinics to monitor the performance and how the patients respond to vitals and medications. 

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