Technology Consulting Case Study 3


An e-commerce site, which was trying to make its presence felt, approached us to come with solutions to optimise their service and to create real-time problem-solving solutions that has the potential of reaching customers on the right platforms.

How we approached:

Our experts (data scientists) were able to use Al to detect fake reviews, chatbots, product recommendations, managing big data, among other things.

With our experts, we were able to create a system of communication queries answering and complains resolution. Using AI, e-commerce platforms built a strong system for communication, query answering as well as complain resolutions. 

Apart from this, using our AI, decisions were made based on customer’s query which helped in executing an action without any lag or discrepancies.


With our services and expert help, this eCommerce retailer was able to grow its sales by using Artificial Intelligence that helped them understand them to understand their potential customers well. Using ODINT’s AI solution, they were able to facilitate online purchasers which were catered as per their needs and hence, they kept coming back to the website for various other products.

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