Technology Consulting Case Study 4


A leading fashion online store approached us looking to eliminate the need for their customers to go out and shop for clothing. They were looking to deliver personalized recommendations right to their door.

How we approached:

Our experts combined the expertise of personal stylists along with the insight and efficiency of artificial intelligence in order to study the data on style trends, body measurements, as well as customer feedback. With our insights. We helped the company provide its customers with personalized style recommendations that were in perfect fit with their lifestyle and budgets.

Our experts asked customers to fill out a style profile in order to determine style, size and prize preferences and at the same time, records every touch point with clients.


With our services, the algorithms were able to identify a shift in state and this helped deliver the most relevant items and hence, we were able to provide info to inform system level impacts.
Apart from this, we also used algorithms which were helped to optimize these as well as all the other complex inventory management issues.

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