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Influencer marketing strategy

Create a roadmap- for your business you need to target a particular influencer who specializes in a niche. And not just that, you also need to fact check the performance indices of these influencers. It makes no sense to onboard an influence with a high follower count but a substantially low engagement quotient. Micro and […]

Why manufacturing companies in South Korea are moving to India

Even before the coronavirus pandemic forced the world economy to plummet to dreaded levels, there was a raging trade war between the United States and China that pushed South Korean companies to explore options of setting shop in India from China. There has been a widespread negative perception about China in the recent years and […]
Qatar s real GDP to grow at 25 during 2021 22

Qatar’s real GDP to grow at 2.5% during 2021-22

With countries globally put their might to fight COVID 19, economies have started showing sign of revival in the coming years. International Monetary Fund has predicted that Qatar real gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to grow at 2.5% in both 2021 and 2022. This comes at the time, when in its World Economic Outlook, […]

Three user cases of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the BFSI industry

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are an indispensable contribution of the modern company. Studies estimate that almost 38% of total companies use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect patterns from their vast volumes of data. Machine learning applications are increasingly being used in business language to: Predict customer behavior Detect financial fraud Analyze […]

Why Saudi Arabia needs the Indian connect

Economically, the two countries share a strong relationship with trade and investment that form the cornerstone of bilateral relations. Saudi Arabia is India’s fourth-largest trading partner and an important energy partner, supplying around 18% of India’s crude oil needs and 30% of LPG needs. Narendra Modi who is the Indian prime minister visited Saudi Arabia […]

Five steps to set up your business on cloud

Introduction:   Market research leaders Gartner have forecasted that by the end of 2022, almost 90% of businesses will be shifting their workloads to cloud-based platforms. Why such hype? Well, it is because cloud-based services and media have rapidly transformed businesses, creating a new path that offers sustainable, flexible, and efficient growth. Without further ado, […]

How can teams better collaborate using ThoughtSpot?

Introduction: Adopting BI and analytics has been quite an insurmountable task for most organizations, even in the current scenario. The data-driven mindset that most organizations lack has been profoundly witnessed in the recent crisis-hit world where digital transformation has become imperative. Organizations have stumbled and fumbled to shift their virtual space workloads and get their […]
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