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Impact of AI and ML over Travel Industry

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning possesses an extremely exciting future in our life and our travel industry can’t keep itself away from these advanced technologies. The Travel Industry has never been this exciting until Covid19 happened but it also leaves a massive void to be filled post covid19. According to the UN World tourism Association, […]

5 Use Cases Of AI and ML In Manufacturing Industry

In today’s times, we can hardly sift through Twitter or open a magazine without coming across the words: artificial intelligence, automation, machines, bots, robots, etc. The world’s top-producing factories have switched to the digitalization of their operations. The large amounts of data flow from every tool are giving organizations more information than they know what […]

How Omani companies leverage the power of AI and ML to stay ahead of its GCC peers?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is motivating the so called4th Industrial Insurrection in numerous parts of the globe nowadays. The Sultanate is amongst the GCC countries accepting digital alteration in an attempt to enhance procedures and increase proficiency. More precisely, the Oman Dream 2040 is pouring modernization as it nurtures varied financial development and job establishment in […]

5 Use Cases Of AI and ML In Retail Industry

How does the retail industry leverage emerging technology such as augmentation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to remain ahead of their competitors and what advances are being introduced over the coming years as future retail game-changers? To excel in the future, the retail industry leaders need to expand human capabilities so they can be availed, […]


POC’s are usually carried out on rather simple algorithms using immediately available training data or internally labeled data. The main goal is to show that an algorithm can be trained to address a particular use case with a small amount of training data. The production stage represents a higher level of complexity for your AI […]

Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in medical services diagnostics industry

Globally, health systems face numerous challenges: rising burdens of illness, multi morbidity and disability driven by aging and epidemiological changeover, greater demand for health services, higher societal prospects and increasing health expenditures. A further challenge relates to incompetence, with poor productivity. These health system challenges exist against a background of economic conservatism, with misplaced economic […]
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