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In case your company is expecting to increase its activities in the Netherlands as quickly as time permits, it’s essential to know that The Netherlands has undeniable level ports, purposefully positioned airports, and an up-to-date network of roads and highways. Indeed, more than 170 million consumers are situated within 24 hours of Amsterdam or Breda making the Netherlands the great springboard into the European market. 

Consider Holland’s stern corporate tax evaluation organization (dropping its corporate tax charge even more!), highly educated and multilingual labor force, well-developed store and supply chain and it’s clear why MNCs like Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas, IBM, Huawei, and Google select the Netherlands. 

It can be assumed that you are not persuaded at this point to start a Dutch company? Read our blogs and articles where we mentioned and compared The Netherlands and Germany, or The Netherlands versus Belgium, and determine which country is ideal to begin your new business. 

Are you planning to move your business to the Netherlands with your Startup? 

ODINT consulting can help to facilitate your business; we can also help you to get your residency necessities, as well as with mentoring programs, and interface you to facilitators all through the Netherlands.


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