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The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai is the department in charge of issuing grants to companies in the city-state. DED has organized each corporation into many permits, providing them significance based on their possible activities.

 Having a corporation permit in Dubai provides your business with a rigid structure and obliges you to make a range of profits.

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Types of Business License in Dubai - UAE

Commercial License – Commercial licenses engage both ordinary business and specific trade actions.

Professional License – Professional licenses are released to organizations that are interested in another activity or service-oriented action, such as professionals, specialists, coaches, and craftsmen.

Industrial License – An industrial license is circulated to firms that relate to the industry or expanded works.

Tourism License – A tourist trade license is necessary for enterprises and organizations vigorous in travel, tourism, or hospitality.

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How Can I Get a Trading License?

Getting a trade authorization in Dubai is usually reliant on the type of business one seeks to institute on the mainland. If a person establishes a company to take out actions like import-export, clothing, accessories, furniture, and electronics, a general trade license in Dubai will be sufficient. 

However, many economic operations are not covered on the Dubai mainland by the common license, such as vehicles, firearms, alcohol, and medical items. Approval from higher authorities or UAE municipalities is essential for a person to demeanor such a company on the land. Once they got permission, it issued a person a commercial business permit to perform like a business on the mainland.

How Much Does a Trade License Charge in Dubai?

Simultaneously, there are certain advantages to getting a general trade permit in Dubai since the estimated fee is relatively low, ranging from AED 40K to AED 50K, and they will use such a lawful investment structure besides storage. The bearer of a general COMMERCE license is free from revenue and income taxes.

The person can deal both on the mainland of Dubai and abroad. The general trade license owner still has the advantage of being able to apply for many visas for their employees, depending on the number of employees required to start up a firm in Dubai.

It also excluded the dealer from the condition to present audit reports to the Dubai Government. In addition, the holder has access to both personal and business banking services.

Steps to Guide Company Renewable Trade License in UAE

One of the most vital fundamentals for doing business in Dubai is a commerce license.

The following are the stages for renewing a trade license in Dubai:

  • You must have a valid rental contract.
  • Present an application for license renewal
  • Make your payment.


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