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Accounting services are used by an entrepreneur who starts a new business in The Netherlands, particularly they are not familiar yet with the bookkeeping regulations.

It’s important to discuss with a Dutch bookkeeper on the specific accounting prerequisites you need to consider. One of the principal questions we regularly get from our clients is how VAT enlistment works in the Netherlands.

It is necessary to understand the annual requirements, which are:

  • Outlining your financial statements
  • Filing your corporate income tax return
  • submitting your abbreviated statement to the Chamber of Commerce.

By using accounting services in The Netherlands, you don’t have to be concerned about these formalities. Our Dutch accountants will take care of this work. Our accountants will not only make certain that your organization follows the Dutch accounting regulations but, also ensure you get a good intuition of the financial health and circumstances of your company. ODINT consulting uses the updated and top book-keeping software and technologies to give you an accounting dashboard. Either it is sole proprietorships or multinational companies. We can help them of any size. 

With the help of an application, each company can without a doubt upload its invoices and bank statements, bills, etc. Using an app, it is easily processing all transactions and the accountant finds it easy to file Dutch corporate income tax returns.

Our tax consultants in the Netherlands can update and notify you on how to register for VAT? We are also there to help you to operate your company while registration is still pending.  

Transparency and Customer-centricity

Why Dutch Accounting Services are Important?

Before starting your business in the Netherlands, it is important to know about the Dutch tax laws and the administrative requirements. To know the exact requirements for the business depends on the size of the company. The following financial report must contain at least; 

  • A balance sheet
  • Profit-and-loss account,
  •  Notes to the accounts.

ODINT consulting has summed up many articles necessities that every entrepreneur should consider, such as:

  • To prepare a financial report requirement by company law.
  • Annually file a Financial Report at the Chamber of Commerce of the legal requirement.
  • Personal liabilities of the directors of a Dutch company, in case of non-compliance.

Important Deliberation

Every Dutch B. V should prepare Financial Statements. The following points are important to consider if your company has been operational.

  • It should provide information on underlying subsidiaries.
  • In case of any (intergroup) credits, we should set proper loan agreements up.
  • We must clarify abbreviations on assets.
  • Once your commerce is operational, we can help you with every book-keeping milestone.

Tax Consultancy

It’s important to put a tax plan in place depending on your situation. ODINT Consulting does not provide tax charge consulting or tax advisory services. Before setting up a Dutch company you can contact a charge advisor to get advice.

Audit Services

ODINT Consulting can connect you with reputed audit companies but does not provide an in-house Audit Service. Getting connected with inspection companies will provide you with audited financial statements or an auditor’s declaration.

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