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How to Obtain a Startup Visa in the Netherlands?


The Netherlands is open for business, with a detailed interest in innovative organizations. This is the reason the Netherlands presented a residency program mainly for new businesses that are as yet in their establishing period and fostering their produce.

ODINT has a heap of experience in Startup Visas, and we work with facilitators all through the Netherlands. Download the Fact sheet or reach our Team for a full plan and chart of the consolidation technique for your particular circumstance.

You should have the following answers ready, to take the next step in obtaining your Startup visa in the Netherlands.

Would you be able to send me a short business plan or profile, on the sort of organization I will run, and how? What will it resemble? In terms of items, how to attract customers, items, how you get clients, location, etc.

Besides, realize that the Startup Visa will expect you to shift to the Netherlands and live here. It is important to have personal savings of a minimum of 14.000 EUR to reserve your first months here in the Netherlands.


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How Does a Dutch Startup Company find A Facilitator?

Check the outline of Facilitators at the website of RVO, and check which facilitators are centered on your industry or type of organization.

Fill in the application structure (Utilizing ODINT”s input!)

The facilitator will opt to have the main call or not. This will be a preface call with me and the object is to discover about the business prophet and what they are going after. (Typically within 7 days).

However, in the case of B. Amsterdam, the ‘Jaar plan’ is now significant. It means, you ought to have a crystal-clear vision of what you like to accomplish in the first 12 months, and how you assure that following a year the organization will be gainful and have the choice to pay you both a reasonable salary. In connection, I covered this with the 5 milestones, which should illustrate in detail.

Keeping in mind, the objective here is to create jobs, for which you should have the option to make a benefit.

After this, they talk about it with the team and when it appears to be a fit, they’ll request a second call (or visit) with their startup visa advisors.

This call/visit will be more in-depth to scrutinize the tactic and a possibility for the advisors to meet the entrepreneur.

The option to persist with helps or not is developed after the conclusion/visit/meeting and it will tell the candidate. (Approx one- fourteen days)

Does Your Dutch Company is Eligible for a startup Visa?

To be capable for the startup visa in the Netherlands, it should consider the additional standards:

  • Your organization claims the licensed innovation (in your case, and IT stage, for instance, ideally as innovative as possible) which is a competitive advantage and permits to develop quickly;
  • Preferably, your establishing team is finished and committed, which permits you to make sales, expand the organization and collect the product without outside circumstances.
  • You have an operational marketing plan to develop universally;
  • Preferably, serving patrons with the primary version of your manufactured goods or administration as of now or hoping to do as such two or three months;
  • You have a functioning product or prototype;
  • You consent to a residence in the Netherlands, with its main address at the facilitator and a Dutch Chamber of Commerce number.
  • Preferably, the organization or foreign entity is no more established than 3 years and The Netherlands will be one of the main commerce sectors
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