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Dubai Company Setup


Dubai now boasts one of the greatest markets accessible, whether for fresh or established organizations. Dubai provides equivalent access to all investors and has shaped rules that make it easy for any investor to start a business in Dubai.

 Because of diverse provisions put in by the government from time to time, the whole practice of launching a Dubai Free zone company setup charge has been made quite clear-cut and simple.

 An investor can set up a business in Dubai in an assortment of areas, counting the mainland and free zones.

 However, to start a business in mainland Dubai, the shareholder must choose a local partner, which eventually becomes a turn-off for several investors because they are not comfortable having to choose a local partner who will allow them to start the business in Dubai by the established laws.

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Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

 Because of the necessity of selecting a specific partner with a 51% ownership, free zone company formation in Dubai has grown in fame among investors, since this required no such regulation to be followed when launching a firm in this specific zone. In the end, 100% foreign ownership is allowed here, making them a popular option among investors.

company formation in dubai
company formation in dubai

Free Zone Company in Dubai

Company in Dubai is a separate financial area where an investor can benefit from a reduced tax rate and trade conditions that permit any investment to be fabricated.

 Import and export products without paying customs taxes are possible. In Dubai, the urbanized free areas at shipment points such as seaports and airports assist investors in growing their trading projection. This has recognized the zones in a variety of areas, with each free zone reserved for a certain sort of business activity.


Starting a Business in Dubai Free Zone has many advantages for the investors which some of them listed as below-

There is no condition for a local partner; as a result, foreign ownership is entirely foreign.

  • Profits can be returned in their entirety.
  • Tax-free zones are areas where an investor is unnecessary to disburse any taxes.
  • There is no policy on foreign currency transactions and no limits on cash transfers.
  • There are no tariffs levied on any items.
  •  In all Free zones, may meet power necessities at a low cost.
  • When applying for a commercial license, the process is simple.
  • Office space is abundant, both for purchase and for hire.
  • Visas for competent employees are easy to get since they are comparatively reasonable.
  • Because there are no time constraints, may use the offices 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A Process That One Needs to Purse While Starting a Business In FREE ZONE Dubai

Type of Company – When selecting to build a business here, one must think about the sort of business to be formed as well as the autonomous zone where the investor plans to open the firm since it should meet a variety of zones that have different standards.

 Trade Name – Once the investors have agreed on the sort of business that will be shaped in this zone, it is time to opt for a name. Keep in mind that as for naming, one should stick to the government’s set of laws.

 Business License – After decides on a name and registering with a suitable establishment, the investor must apply for a company authorization. Different permits are accessible in various Free zones for varied activities.

 Office Space – Once it receives the license for beginning a business in Dubai Free Zone has, it is time to pursue a workplace. 

 Approvals and  License – Before a license may give, the investors must get the essential permits from various agencies. Once all the process has been completed, the investor may begin operations. To accomplish the entire process is quite easy and in 2-4 weeks.


Documents Requisite for Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

Testimonials should supply that proceeding to the establishment of a Dubai Free zone company. The following documents must be submitted by the investor and certified by the Gulf Cooperation Council or the Arab embassy:

  • Licensing application form
  • Business card.
  • Outline for a business plan.
  • Passport copies of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.
  •  If needed, a banking reference and a license for the partner’s current commerce are requisite.

 An investor must pursue the measures outlined above when establishing a business in the Dubai free zone. The outlay process is simple and has the government to make the procedure more engaging to investors.

 The entire process has been simplified and will take only four weeks to absolute, opening the door for the shareholder to set up a free zone business formation in Dubai.

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