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Relocating to Netherlands


  • Apply for BSN, Startup visa, 30% ruling. 
  • Dutch personal and corporate income tax
  • Start and maintain your Dutch business 

Are You a Dutch Expat or Are You Drafting To Move To The Netherlands as an Expat.

Our Incorporation Team can help you to commence a company and get all your residency actions altogether. We intend to furnish a few guidelines for a smooth arrival in The Netherlands, considering your requirements.  

Regardless, if you are already an occupant there, our team will work on the enlistment as sole ownership (eenmanszaak) or start your BV, while being completely informed on all tax and lawful consequences in The Netherlands.

ODINT consulting works with Business Centers and modernization Hubs throughout The Netherlands as well as expects communities. Inside our local area, we can likewise interface two Facilitators (to apply for a Startup Visa), or additional expert firms. 

In case you are presently an expat, we can help you to convert your work grant or apply for an Entrepreneur Visa. 


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Which Dutch Expat Services Are So Convenient

As an expat in The Netherlands, you may sometimes feel that it requires a multitude of lawyers to manage all your relocation or ‘expat’s affairs. Our Dutch Incorporation group can aid expats from scratch to last, offering an all-in-one resource at cutthroat costs. Our incorporation specialists make it easy for you to efficiently begin your organization in The Netherlands while getting connected in our vibrant entrepreneurial ecology. 

Maybe you are not sure yet if you will begin your organization in The Netherlands or not? Our incorporation group can assist with picking turns into a worker for the contractor/freelancer or a delegate and highlight the rightful considerations and residency fallout. 

Every ex-pat, planning to start an organization in The Netherlands, should consider: 

  • Step-wise direction to get or maintain the 30% tax duty, when you choose to drop your work and start a company!
  • Either you want to enroll in a sole proprietorship, Private Limited (BV), or a partnership entity. 
  • How to convert your current work consent, or ensure if your current residency allows you to start an organization.
  • Present residency permits you to start an organization
  • Which banking provisions and conditions to consider as an expat.
  • How and when to classify your income tax returns How to write an effective business plan to apply for a residency license or funding 
  • How to get funding for your new startup as Expat We can discuss all matters that could apply to you by using

ODINT’s expat services we would love to draft you a Tax-Legal Compliance timetable, contact us today for more details. 

Other than drafting an agenda, ODINT also helps to set up a Legal Opinion or a memorandum to cover your particular tax/legal circumstance and questions. We can furnish a few quotes for such an account, given the complication of your case. 

Once the business is set up in your organization in the Netherlands, and it is important to have your residency authorization, we can help with this. 

As a worldwide entrepreneur, the concept of law should not underestimate the intricacy of understanding a new tax or legal system. If you sum up the wrong decision, what can unfortunate results have for your circumstance? For example, in case you own 24% of the shares of a broad organization planning to cultivate in The Netherlands, the corporate design will decide your alternatives to get residency. 

Should you set up a subsidiary in the Netherlands? You would have an option to get residency consent as a worker within two to three weeks? But, assuming you incorporated an autonomous company, and then you would have to center on the Entrepreneurs Visa. 

This would highlight the problem of considerably added time and cash. Similarly, we see expats that don’t efficiently apply for the 30% Ruling and shell out a lot of assessments for quite a long time! 

By assigning ODINT as your partner to enter another market as an expat, you can keep your business away from such situations. 

Application of Services

Once you move to The Netherlands as an expat, there are several administrative things to consider. ODINT has fostered a group of administrations, with unchanging charges and clear cycles that will allow you to get a full understanding of the requirements and costs that you need to consider. 

We have made a rough outline of typical expat undertakings and depicted them in more elements in our Business Toolkit, so you can get more aware of these subjects.

 Application of a BSN 

  • Apply for a 30% decision. (Or other expat charge motivating forces).
  • Apply for a Startup Visa. 
  • Income Tax Filing for Sole Proprietorship 
  • Commercial income Tax Filing for Private Limited’s 
  • Assessment Planning and Consulting for Expats 
  • Intra Corporate Transfer; being moved as representative.
  • Drafting General terms and conditions
  •  Payrolling Services for expats 

Get in touch with us for more information 

For an expat in the Netherlands, it commonly taxed you as a person, apart from whether your work is a freelancer or to start a Sole Proprietorship. This may be because it taxed Private Limited organizations as a distinct entity. 

Before you start your business in The Netherlands, it’s important to have a good understanding, because these tax necessities will typify your liquidity, and accordingly the success of your business! The best proposal that we can give you is to call us (Or timetable a call, so we can call you!) to our Tax Consultants to scrutinize your situation and prerequisites.

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