ODINT Consulting has developed a wide array and network of lawyers, accountants as well as other corporate service professionals. As a team, we are able to leverage each other’s specialties to grow the business.

Since we courier the documents, we will charge the actual courier charges plus a 15% handling fee.

Legalization fees: ODINT Consulting will deliver the original company documents, however if you need an extra legalized set, or an apostille on the document extra fees – they will be applicable as well. Now, for the Dutch bank this is not needed.

At the moment, there is no bank account opening fees are charged by the bank, they will charge the company about 10-25 euro per month in order to maintain the account and it will be dependent on the type of account. Fees will be different as per different banks.

We accept direct bank transfers, cash or PayPal.

Normally, it takes 2 to 4 working days to set up a company in the Netherlands and it is dependent on the type of legal entity you choose. For some steps in the process, we do depend on other legal authorities that include the Chamber of Commerce, the notary and the Dutch Tax Authority. What this means is that we are dependent on how efficiently a number of documents are provided to us.

We have to understand that there are a number of potential issues you will have to take into account when you have to set up a company in the Netherlands. These include the best legal entity that suits your needs, registration with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) & the Dutch tax authority, residency permits, environmental regulations as well as selecting a company/trade name.

And, you have to register yourself as employees that could prove rather difficult. There might be cases where you need to deliver several legal documents and explain your intended entrepreneurial activities.

And this is where ODINT Consulting will come to your help as all these issues will be taken care of. We understand the procedure and we will be able to guide you through it at the best of our abilities.

Please contact ODINT Consulting in order to discuss your personal situation in our Start-Up Consult. After this step, you will then receive an order form, after which we can start the invoice process, and this will be followed by the incorporation process.

The exact procedure of the incorporation differs regarding the corporate entity as well as the urgency of the request. Now, there is always a standard procedure which can be roughly followed. ODINT Consulting will need the following documents and information to begin the process:

  • Present the passport copy of the chosen director or shareholder(s)
  • Proof of address (e.g. utility bill) of the director and shareholder
  • Complete order form
  • Invoice details (name and address)

  • Easy system procedures
  • Rein in anti-import taxes
  • Reduces subsidies and quotas.
  • Hinder national taxes and laws that may be incorporated as protection, etc.

There are various ways that one can put resources into the global business sectors. One of these methodologies is putting resources into monetary standards or in the financial arrangement of another country. 

Of course, We handle reporting, employee tax information, payroll tax documents, and payroll tax prep and payment submission.

Whether you are looking for guidance or tracking on specific HR policies and procedures, We can assist you with issues such as unemployment filings and employee record keeping.

Not very. Except when leading companies are being sold, most transactions do not involve significant amounts of cash at closing. The reason is that NAPL guides buyers on how to structure the transaction so that the seller is allocated a portion of the risk to ensure that the merged business will succeed.

The important documents we need for your company formation are a copy of your passport and utility bill.

Odint offers data-driven technology capabilities that drive growth, manage risk and optimize cost for your business.

It offers more productivity, fewer errors as Intelligent automation can increase productivity at a workplace by automating dull, repetitive tasks and leaving the cerebral work for human workers.

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