• Germany

  • Country Economic Profile​

    Germany is the country with the highest degree of industrialization and the largest population in Europe. It is known for its technical achievements and has produced some of Europe's most famous composers, philosophers, and poets.

    Germany's economic policies have enhanced a broad and competitive industrial environment and are strongly concerned with future innovations. Many SMEs take advantage of this potential to become leaders in their respective markets. In large and small industries, German products are exported globally.


    According to recent research, Germany is Europe's largest investment destination. With its relative economic stability, Germany is Europe's largest domestic market, creating a large and stable customer base for investors. Germany's integration into the world economy also enables companies to access and share knowledge, products, and employees across a global network.

  • Why Setup Business In Germany?

    High Development Infrastructure
    High Level of Innovation
    Open Market
    International Location
    Qualified Personel
  • Features of a Gmbh and mini-Gmbh (UG) Company in Germany

    The Gmbh (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) or a “Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)“, which is also known as mini-GmbH. is a private company with limited liability, Most common form of business structure in the Germany which allows 100% foreign ownership.

  • Gmbh Company Formation Plans

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  • Mini-Gmbh or UG Company Formation Plans

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  • Now Setup your own GmbH or a mini-GmbH Company in the German within 3-4 weeks with On Demand International

  • Simple Requirements to open a company in Germany

    Documents and Information


    Identification Proof

    Passport copies of directors/shareholders.


    Latest Address Proof

    Latest utility bill of director/shareholders.


    Name your Company

    Suggested name of your German Gmbh or mini - Gmbh company.


    Nature of Business

    Define your main business activities.

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