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Germany Company Formation

Germany offers a vast market which is favourable for establishing a business in Germany. It is great for start-up companies because it can be the stepping stone for entering a vast sea of opportunities. As more and more foreigners open a Company in Germany, it helps further in making it a cosmopolitan society. Odint Consulting will assist you in the process of company formation in Germany. Let’s take a look at why the start-up culture of Germany is the best.

Central Location

With its central location in the heart of Europe, Germany is a centre of goods and services. Moreover, it acts as a strong commercial and cultural bridge. Bordering every major economy in Central Europe, it makes expanding into other important countries in other parts of Europe quite easy. Most importantly, people doing business in Germany get access to emerging markets in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, it broadens the business horizon.

Huge Market

Germany is the most populous country in the EU and thus, possess the largest market there. 82 million inhabitants and a GDP of 2.2 trillion Euros makes it the largest economy in Europe and the third-largest worldwide. Thus, the decision to set up a company in Germany can prove to be extremely beneficial considering the huge market it has to offer. Also, the fact that 7 million-plus foreigners settle in Germany proves it provides a good life.

Bigger Opportunities

Germany is also called the home of innovation because of its 277 international patents per million inhabitants. Further, the highly-educated and skilled workforce ensures you get high productivity and achieve great success in Germany company formation. In addition, the cash incentives and reimbursements of direct investments by the government offer substantial support to entrepreneurs. Finally, it holds the 22nd position in ease of doing business.

If you are thinking about establishing a business in Germany then you are in the right place and at the right time! Get in touch with our team of International trade advisory and set up a meeting/call. Discuss your requirements in detail and allow us to help you realize your dream of having a business set up in Germany


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