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GST is the effect of India’s largest tax reform, which has improved the ease of conducting business while also expanding the country’s taxpayer bottom by incorporating millions of small enterprises. It would minimize charge complexity because of the eradication and consolidation of a variety of taxes into a single system.

The new GST regime requires all companies concerned with the purchase or sale of commodities, the provision of services, or both to register and get a GSTIN. Registration is necessary anytime a company exceeds a certain level of output or when a person begins a new business that is likely to go beyond the prescribed threshold of turnover.

Businesses must register for GST if they meet up with one of the following requirements.

  • Aggregate turnover
  • Interstate business
  • E-commerce platform
  • Casual taxable persons
  • Voluntary registration

Transparency and Customer-centricity

Regular taxpayers registering for GST registration must present the following papers.

The company’s PAN card

It linked GST registration to the business’s PAN. As a result, before registering for GST Registration, the allowed entity must get a PAN.

Identity proof along with a photograph

PAN, passport, driving license, aadhar , or voter’s identification card can be obtainable as identity proof along with photos. Photographs of the promoters/owners must also be supplied.

Promoter’s Address Proof,

To address evidence, papers such as a passport, driving license, Aadhaar , voters’ identity, and ration card can be provided.


Documentation for business registration

Many entities must give proof of business registration. There is no need to submit this paperwork for a sole proprietorship because the proprietor and the entity are almost the same. It must present the partnership deed in the event of a firm. In the event of an LLP or a company, it must submit the MCA incorporation certificate. Other sorts of entities, such as a society, faith, club, government agency, or body of persons, are necessary to submit a registration certificate.

Proof of business location

It is required to address evidence for all commerce locations integrated into the GST registration application. The following papers can prove your address meant for GST registration.

  • Own property-Any evidence showing ownership of the building, like the most recent property tax receipt or a photocopy of the electricity rate.
  • Rented or leased property- A copy of a legal leasing agreement along with any paper sustaining the lessor’s possession of the possessions, such as the most recent property tax receipt or an image of the energy bill. If the rental agreement or lease deed is not available, an affidavit to that effect, together with any document confirming ownership of the premise, such as a representation of the power bill, is enough.
  • SEZ premises- If the applicant’s primary place of business is in an SEZ or it is an SEZ developer, suitable papers/certificates issued by the government of India have to be submitted.
  • In all other instances – A copy of the permission letter of the propositions’ owner, jointly with any document supporting the consenter’s ownership of the premises, such as an electricity bill. The equivalent documents may also be uploaded for shared belongings.
  • Evidence of a bank account
  • Upload a scanned photocopy of the first page of a financial institution passbook or the suitability of a bank statement, or a copy of a canceled cheque with the name of the owner or company entity, bank account number, MICR, IFSC, and branch data counting code.

What identification is necessary for GST registration?

Look at the official procedure you’ll need to register your commerce under GST:

  • The applicant’s Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Aadhaar card photocopy
  • Certificate of amalgamation or testimony of business registration
  • Promoters/directors must give identification and address confirmation, as well as a photograph.


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