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  • Our Unique Approach to find Solutions in New Markets

    .....because there is a solution to every problem

    Identify a problem

    Identify a Problem

    We look at the world as blocks of small markets. We deeply study the problems facing the individual markets.

    Market Gap

    Market Gap

    Next, we rigorously research the products and services that can actually solve a problem if introduced in a new market.

    Solution Providers

    Solution Providers

    We talk to the companies and entrepreneurs who are already solving those problems in their native markets.

    Our Work Begins

    Our Work Begins

    Once 100% of solution providers are convinced that they can solve the problem, we guide them through the steps of our market-leading practice.

  • We are focused on EU-India Partnerships


  • Company Services

    Company Services

    On Demand International is your perfect local partner wherever you go. We offer low-cost establishment services so you can hit the ground running. Our services include company formation, banking support, accountancy services, tax registrations and office solutions.

    Strategy Consulting

    Strategy Consulting


    On Demand International market research team has set a very high standard. Whether you want to learn about a new market or need to dig deeper into the opportunities you are exploring, On Demand International team can create customized market research reports to help you make the right decisions.

    Partner Search

    Partner Search

    We understand the importance of providing a perfect strategy for a new solution or product. That's why we not only help you devise a go-to-market strategy but engage on the long-term basis to find and develop new sales avenues and forge relationships with new business partners.

    Navigate in a new markets smoothly..

    Navigate in a new markets smoothly..

    We're an expert in providing ‘local-country’ representation. Our RocketPad™ platform is an ideal way for your company to establish a long-term presence in the market. RocketPad™ is fully compliant with all local regulations and provides a low risk, low-cost market-entry platform.



    Business Setup & Residency

    Portugal's southern European economy is booming. It is an ideal destination for those looking for startups and entrepreneurs. Low labor wages and access to the entire EU market make Portugal an attractive destination. Since January 1, 2017, Portugal has introduced amendments to its policy on residential immigration to business, so it is very simple. Small business owners are invited to set up new companies in Portugal and get a family residence permit within 6 months.*


    Grow in Europe

    The Netherlands is a global hub that makes it an ideal place for companies to reach millions of European customers and other customers. In 24 hours in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you can visit 95% of Europe's most lucrative consumer market. The Netherlands ranks second. Realize overall logistics performance on a global scale. The Netherlands offers you a 20-25% investment-friendly corporate income tax system and attractive incentives for innovation and research and development. It offers highly educated and multilingual staff and was ranked as the seventh happiest place in the world by the World Happiness Report. Use a new investor visa program or entrepreneur visa to achieve residency and final citizenship.

  • At On Demand International, we always start with WHY to find solutions.

    That's why we always deliver!

  • India

    Land of Opportunity

    The process of forming a company in India can be a complicated and time-consuming process, especially when you do not speak the language and do not know the steps involved. You will face federal and local regulations that need to be strictly followed. We guarantee a steady process, and we handle every step of the process. We can provide you with everything from ensuring the right office to developing a customized marketing strategy.

    Dairy & Farm

    Learn about our Dairy and value-added Milk Extracts We use the best raw materials. There is nothing artificial. 100% natural! Experience the right way of knowledge and technology... every time!


    Discover the potential of milk for a healthy life.

    Plastic & Packaging

    Being a major producer of plastic products locally, we maintain our leading position in the Indian and European markets and use our advanced infrastructure and product reliability to expand our market share in nearby markets. Providing services for packaging and plastics industry companies is our top priority. We believe that the dedication of quality to each of the things we do is the cornerstone of building a good company.

    Safety Shoes


    Based an extensive technical experience, we have successfully developed a new generation of safety shoes. Our products have set new standards in the safety market and have been at the forefront of all new safety footwear technologies. At the same time, these products are unique in quality and fashion design.

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