How can teams better collaborate using ThoughtSpot?



Adopting BI and analytics has been quite an insurmountable task for most organizations, even in the current scenario. The data-driven mindset that most organizations lack has been profoundly witnessed in the recent crisis-hit world where digital transformation has become imperative. Organizations have stumbled and fumbled to shift their virtual space workloads and get their job done efficiently.

With the innovation of BI and AI-driven analytics search software like ThoughtSpot, organizations that lack the technical chops can drive value and performance in a more streamlined manner.


What is ThoughtSpot?


ThoughtSpot is a superlative BI analytics search software developed by ThoughtSpot Inc, a technology company. The software enables the end-users scattered across departments to perform quick guided searches and implement impromptu queries concerning customer attrition, retention, experience, service, and complaints.

A brief rundown on how ThoughtSpot transforms collaborative prowess:


With ThoughtSpot, every organization can achieve an edge in its operations that lets them push the limits of collaboration. COVID has fundamentally altered how organizations function and innovate, and hence virtualization of core operations, remote tasks, and collaboration are the need of the hour. If your organization falls behind on this, you will be losing your profitability and competitiveness in the market and crucial time and resources that you need to scale up and create aggressive business agility.

Speedier analyses of customer challenges:


Like mentioned earlier, this impactful Relational Search Engine creates AI-driven guided searches that enable end-users across various locales and departments to engage proactively and obtain results pertaining to customer data. With such a level of effective collaboration occurring across geographies and departments, speedier customer service optimization positively impacts the bottom line.

Determining recruitment and hiring efficiency:


ThoughtSpot has been instrumental in employing state-of-the-art HR and strategy analytics to help executives and hiring professionals to conduct thorough searches into data pertaining to internal statistics, ROI, trends, etc. It creates a leaner recruitment efficiency and even allows more in-depth insight into employee turnover rates, workloads, etc. Thus, it helps HR executives and directors collaborate across departments.

Creating interactive visualizations:


ThoughtSpot employs its interactive data visualization tools to produce transparent and easy-to-understand visual narratives of spreadsheets like graphs, charts, maps, etc. The BI and analytics-driven data models improve visual learning prowess and therefore speeds up the entire procedure of learning. Since most of the tasks performed these days are remote and on-the-go, swift learning strategies through interactive visual models help people upskill and reskill effortlessly, making collaboration a breeze.

Effective collaboration with external partners:


Embedded analytics dashboard, tools, and charts used in ThoughtSpot make communication inside and outside the organization effortless. Therefore, sharing your findings outside your organization becomes a cakewalk!


Closing thoughts:


Through the popularization of data and creating a more fact-driven world, ThoughtSpot makes data more ubiquitous and accessible, thereby driving collaboration and success.



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