How Danish companies explore Indian market?


According to the ambassador at the Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi, relations between the two countries have never looked so good.

Denmark wants to transform its ties with India and upgrade economic partnership through investments in the maritime-and sustainable development sectors.

Denmark is an important development partner, and the Scandinavian country contributes also to the growth of wind energy. Thousands of Indian professionals’ work in top Danish companies and about 30,000 Indian IT professionals are working on the latest IT products in India for the Danish companies.

Denmark has also invested more than $1billion in India since 2000 through different companies that have a large presence in India. But then again, there are some major Indian companies that have investments in Denmark.

Learning from Denmark’s expertise in renewable energy

Denmark is one of the most energy efficient countries in the EU and OECD, with a lot of expertise in sustainable development, waste management, renewable energy, clean technology, and recycling. Emerging as a country deeply concerned about climate change, Denmark has a lot of expertise in green technology and the idea is to help India meet its renewable energy target.

Also, Danish companies such as Danfoss assist farmers by manufacturing equipment for industrial cooling, setting up cold storage facilities as well as developing post-harvest technology for bananas. The company Grundfos has also sold more than 40 000 solar pumps in India.

India holds many business possibilities

The Indian market represents huge business possibilities for Danish businesses and about 200 Danish companies have already invested in India in a variety of sectors, from shipping to agriculture to renewable energy, urban development and much more.

Top Danish companies have also built new manufacturing factories under the ‘Make in India’ scheme, and who knows what is still to come between the two countries.


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