How Omani companies leverage the power of AI and ML to stay ahead of its GCC peers?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is motivating the so called4th Industrial Insurrection in numerous parts of the globe nowadays. The Sultanate is amongst the GCC countries accepting digital alteration in an attempt to enhance procedures and increase proficiency. More precisely, the Oman Dream 2040 is pouring modernization as it nurtures varied financial development and job establishment in the present Digital Economy.

In the year 2016, Oman propelled a massive $200 million venture fund devoted to the budding organizations or the tech start-ups in the GCC region and across the globe. In addition, the ITA has placed growing prominence on AI, appreciating its consequence to the nation’s prospect and is presently working on a proof of notion by means of AI technology along with Health Ministry.The consumer service business in the province is also progressively turning to AI to accomplish its mounting requirements, and AI has been utilized quite expansively in customer applications. Mobile phone apps are nowadays considered to empower unified government service transfer and even we are noticing chat-bots used through retail, finance, or in any other numerous government services.

AI is creating it conceivable to convey more modified skills — and with the arrival of chat-bots, we are witnessing a level of distraction that we haven’t witnessed previously in the organization. This will linger to initiate the customer service areas across the typical government services and the private organizations.


The progress of what we are able to accomplish and ensure with data is exponential and we are undervaluing the extensiveness and steps at which this AI is working to make known in the future.As the GCC deviates from an oil dependent economy, AI is an extremely auspicious progress area. It will be significant for nations to endure in investing on AI, by aggregate acceptance across several associations.


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