Impact of AI and ML over Travel Industry


Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning possesses an extremely exciting future in our life and our travel industry can’t keep itself away from these advanced technologies. The Travel Industry has never been this exciting until Covid19 happened but it also leaves a massive void to be filled post covid19. According to the UN World tourism Association, 2018 was the 8th year in a row of sustained industry growth, with 1.4 billion international tourism arrivals. The trend is predicted to continue for 2020 and beyond. Since this pandemic is still around us, it’s a blessing in disguise for the travel industry to update itself fast for the future.

AI is anyway going to take over a lot of jobs that are being done by humans’ cognitive abilities. Replacing humans, options like chat boxes or self service at information desks are going to make businesses more efficient than what it is. Automated entertainment service at airports can be a useful service for customers stuck at airports. Taking an example of self services, Hen-nah hotel in Nagasaki, Japan has a humanoid robot at its front desk for visitors queries and it helps visitors with the help of voice and facial recognition and AI.

Machine Learning is also a very important factor when it comes to automating travel industry services. From selecting the best airlines to the best place to stay, personalisation will be the key factor for upcoming travellers. The Travel Industry will have to be ready with these modern age technologies in order to provide best services. The first stage of travelling is ofcourse its planning and that’s where it starts getting interesting for a potential traveller. Machine learning capabilities simply optimises the user experience for a digital visitor and makes it more friendly.

Technically it optimises the way users interact with the interface from the clicking-type-tap mode to more conversational and makes the process of choosing the options easy and fast. Applying AI & ML to UX will help understand how customer experience should be designed. Experience is something you would always want the best especially when it comes to travelling and that’s what these technologies are for, to provide you a better experience every time you visit there.


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