Indian IT firms planning for Business in the Netherlands!!


Yes, you read it right!! With the emerging potential of technology in our lives as well as in businesses, IT firms should go for a business with a European base. Now the question is why with the Netherlands??

Why the Netherlands??

Research explains that as a result of Brexit, the Netherlands has emerged as one of the most dynamic countries for businesses and international trade in Europe. According to Forbes, the Netherlands is 3rd in the list of countries to do business with. Also, it is the 5th most competitive country in the world.

Business Potential and opportunities and in the Netherlands

Netherlands foreign investments Agency (NFIA) facilitates business ties between Indian Firms and the Netherlands. NFIA also helps Indian firms in setting upbusinesses in the Netherlands, allowing them to create a hub spot for a business undertaking.

Business firms are also much entertained wherein a tax-friendly environment pertains. Dutch tax policies for international companies are very promising. This involves avoiding unnecessary taxation and easy ongoing revenue

The Netherlands includes supreme facilities for transportation and an ideal location that bridges the path of the European base for Indian Firms.

Long Term growth via European base

Ifyou are a business looking for long-term growth, this one’s for you.
Studies have shown that firms who have entered into business operations with the Netherlands have secured a good spot for long-term growth and revenue generation.


After having a thorough study, it can be concluded that business operations with the Netherlands are good news for IT firms and other businesses as well. Dutch company formation leads to long-term growthand also provides a tax-friendly environment to firms being a helping hand for their interpersonal growth and overall management of the firm.


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