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The netherland is looking for indian start in the field of it firms .The netherland is fully developed country .And his economy is also in good condition ,now they invite to firms who wants to established themselves in europe .The dutch environment is conductive for start ups and the country attracts companies from all over the world.In the past year ,the growth of start ups in netherland was 31%.netherland and india recently signed 50+ MoUs in many field like agriculture ,food processing ,water technology , healthcare and finance . netherland open general consulate in Bengaluru last year beacuse of brexit many indian companies shows their interest toward the netherland rather than tha UK.

Our diverse and open society ,many peoples of Indian country are on the continent , Everyone in netherland speaks english and few more language ,they also improve the skills of our indian firms z beacuse they use advanced technology and indian firms also learn from them and improve our skills and save our times and methods , the indain prime minister participate in the meeting and then signed many MoUs , the PM wants to developed our country by the help of netherland and u can also say that , the learned the way to how to work on information technology , and develop our country , in think this is the great idea to shake hand with this developed countries.

Indian IT firms .NFIA , Netherland foreign investment agency ,plays very crucial role in helping to consulting indian companies who want to established or provides knowledge about the companies , provides consumers .the netherland offers indain companies uniques and multiple advantage business friendly and atmosphere , favourable condition and world class infrastructure .It provides implementation of their europian plans in the smooth less manner .there more than 75 companies in the netherland including small enterprise .It is now indian companies which are venturing in european market .TCS tata consultancy service ,was one of the early movers .

In 2005, the headquarter was upgraded and give employment around 1000 people .NFIA targets the indian IT sector , they can setup base in netherland and make cost efficient and business friendly climate and then do business in all europe .The other active sector is automobiles .The opportunity for indain companies in netherland are .The dutch tax environment for international compaines is attractive .The corporate tax structure of netherland make a friendly climate .they wide tax network tha avoids double taxation and reduce withholding taxes on dividend.the dutch business environment of a combination of business friendly tax system and a regular framework .



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