Influencer marketing strategy

  1. Create a roadmap-

    for your business you need to target a particular influencer who specializes in a niche. And not just that, you also need to fact check the performance indices of these influencers. It makes no sense to onboard an influence with a high follower count but a substantially low engagement quotient.

  2. Micro and macro influencers-

    Hiring micro influencers initially as they are more affordable deliver more engagement and are east to approach comparatively. If there is some sort of progress then go for the macro influencers as they are more expansive comparatively.

  3. Aim to create a relationship-

    Aim to work with a handful of influencers over an extended period of time rather than lots of influencers on a one-time basis. If a customer is exposed to your brand subtly, but regularly, over a period of time, they will start to remember you. They might not buy right away. They might not buy in a week, a month, or a year. But if at some point, they decide they want a product like yours, chances are they’ll remember your brand. What happens next? I think it goes without saying that there is a very good chance they’ll choose to buy from you.

  4. Rhetoric-

    Your message delivered by the influencer – is just as important as your strategy. If your goal is to create an impression that is both long-lasting and effective at delivering to your core objectives then it must hit the sweet spot of engaging and relevant in the eyes of your audience. Creativity and attention to detail are two content creation elements you’d want to leverage to make this happen. Overall, however, ensure that your goal for the campaign is well reflected in the final message to be delivered.

  5. Finally, assess your progress-

    An influencer-driven marketing campaign should deliver results fast. And these results should be easily measurable. You know what you wanted to achieve with the campaign so naturally, this should be your first assessment point. Have you registered an uptick in the business metrics targeted by the campaign?  If you answer yes, then you’re well on the right track; conversely, poor performance even after the influencer-driven marketing campaign is well underway is a surefire indicator that something’s off.



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