5 Use Cases Of AI and ML In Retail Industry

How does the retail industry leverage emerging technology such as augmentation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to remain ahead of their competitors and what advances are being introduced over the coming years as future retail game-changers? To excel in the future, the retail industry leaders need to expand human capabilities so they can be availed, […]

How to navigate through FDI policies in India

As we all know that foreign investment has gained massive popularity in current times due to the rising trend of globalization and free trade. The foreign investors and organizations are required to properly navigate the FDI policies of different country to enhance and establish their business operations in another country. The regulatory framework of India […]


POC’s are usually carried out on rather simple algorithms using immediately available training data or internally labeled data. The main goal is to show that an algorithm can be trained to address a particular use case with a small amount of training data. The production stage represents a higher level of complexity for your AI […]

Setting up manufacturing in India

If we talk about the manufacturing sector of India, manufacturing has emerged as one of the faster-growing sectors in India. There are several opportunities available to foreign firms while setting up their manufacturing facilities in India. But the main question that arises is the location where the foreign firm can establish a manufacturing unit in […]

Influencer marketing strategy

Create a roadmap- for your business you need to target a particular influencer who specializes in a niche. And not just that, you also need to fact check the performance indices of these influencers. It makes no sense to onboard an influence with a high follower count but a substantially low engagement quotient. Micro and […]

Why manufacturing companies in South Korea are moving to India

Even before the coronavirus pandemic forced the world economy to plummet to dreaded levels, there was a raging trade war between the United States and China that pushed South Korean companies to explore options of setting shop in India from China. There has been a widespread negative perception about China in the recent years and […]
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