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Want to start a Dutch company? ODINT consulting facilitates companies of all sizes. We can assist you with the company formation process in the Netherlands from all aspects of financial Investment Advisory. It will help you to use your finance in the proper form in right place. We can help you in selecting the right type of legal entity in the Netherlands. 

Dutch Tax & Accounting Advisors

Before you set your company in the Netherlands, it is advised to have a deep understanding of Dutch tax laws and the administrative requirements. The accuracy requirements for Dutch companies depend on the size or its structure. Every Dutch BV should have financial statements. 

The following is important for you to consider if your company has been operational 

  • All hidden information on auxiliaries should be specified 
  • Proper loan agreement must be in place, in case of any intragroup loans
  • Any assets worth more than 450 EUR will be actuated on the equilibrium.
  • Abbreviations on assets must be mentioned and 

Once your business is ready to operate in the Netherlands, we can help you regarding every accounting highlight and do the managerial duties of the company.

You can expect the following service and accountants from us in the Netherlands-

  • Find all relevant Tax ID’s in The Netherlands
  • Preparation of Tax returns and filing at Dutch tax authorities
  • Basic accounting service and maintain a record book
  • Debt monitoring 
  • Payroll Services
  • Keeping a track of tax dealings

Foreign Investment Advisory– 

Before you filed the corporate tax return, the following steps have to be completed:

  1. Preparation of the financial statement
  2. Preparing the minutes of the Annual General Meeting to approve the financial statements and it has to be signed by the shareholders.
  3. The financial report has to be signed by the directors of the company;
  4. Arrange and file the corporate income tax at the tax authorities.

ODINT consulting is dealing with hundreds of companies when it comes to Company formation service. We believe that we have a very good understanding of company formation services that can help entrepreneurs.  

We can guide you with fixed fees for all the requirements that to be maintained. By taking guidance from ODINT consulting we can help you to decide on the right type of legal entity. It will help you regarding the basic tax provided by the Netherlands for entrepreneurs without any add-on charge. 

We are looking forward to helping you in terms of International Business Advisors so that you can have a smooth function for your business. 


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