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  • How to open a company in the Netherlands

    We are a European company formation agents based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. If you are interested in doing business in the Netherlands, please contact us immediately for prices, conditions and paperwork. We have the possibility of assisting you and our representatives will help you conduct business as soon as possible.


    Our Dutch company formation consultants can assist foreign investors who want to open a company in the Netherlands.


    What kind of company can you open in the Netherlands?

    Dutch BV (limited liability company). According to the recently amended "Company Law", if your minimum share capital is 1 Euro, you can register for such a company. There are a number of requirements for the board of directors and local company headquarters, which are “substantial” requirements described by local regulations, and our Goods On Demand International Company is able to provide all necessary services. Foreign businessmen registered as Dutch companies as holding companies can benefit from the help of a trusted company that can provide company secretarial services. They can get these services through Goods On Demand International.


    General Partner. This type of business applies to companies that have two or more partners and have the same economic goals and have unlimited liability for the corporate debt. They share the profits between them, they don't need to provide the lowest equity, just like the Dutch BV. If there is a debt that cannot be repaid by the company's funds, the personal assets of each ordinary member of the partner can be borne by the creditor.


    Dutch Limited Partnership. To register another form of partnership, the Dutch Limited Partnership is necessary at least two partners - one general who has unlimited liabilities and takes the management decisions - and silent one who must deliver a capital to the firm and has liability limited to his contribution.


    A professional partnership consists of two partners, at least they are responsible for their claims. This kind of business is the first choice for professional rather than business.


    Public liability company. This form of business is suitable for large investments and requires a share capital of 45,000 euros. The shareholders' meeting is responsible for management decisions. The manager's board will be responsible for day-to-day decisions.

    Branch/subsidiary of a foreign company. The main difference between these two forms of business is the degree of independence of the local branch or subsidiary with the parent company.


    What is the procedure for doing business in the Netherlands?
    Foreign entrepreneurs wishing to set up a company in the Netherlands must follow a specific procedure, which would mean the following steps:

    • Select and keep three company names, one of which will be selected as the product name;
    • Drafting and notarizing the registration documents of the new company;
    • Submit documents to Dutch companies for registration and registration of taxes and VAT;
    • Registered for employment and social security purposes, including pension funds.
    Steps to register a company in the Netherlands:

    Step 1:

    • Full information on future Dutch company shareholders and directors
    • Copy of passport of the shareholder (if the natural person), director and UBO (final beneficiary owner) (if applicable)
    • For foreign companies, they must be extracted from their national trade registers;
    • The required social capital, the Dutch BV is 1 Euro.

    Step 2:

    Visit a Dutch notary to sign a company registration document or sign a document abroad and send the original to our company's address in Amsterdam. In the latter case, these documents will be provided by our office and must be properly legalized. However, in this case, your visit to the Netherlands will no longer be necessary.


    Step 3:


    Our company will apply to the Dutch Trade Registry for an establishment. Before the company registration process begins, the applicant must verify the uniqueness of the product name. The name can then be retained and the investor will receive a certificate for that name. After that, he must open a bank account and deposit the minimum capital share. The next step is the notarization of the company registration contract signed and drafted by the notary.


    If the act is delivered in person, the new company's documents will be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce, which will provide the registration number within a few hours. If the file is mailed, this procedure may last for one week. The company was established in the Official Gazette of the Netherlands (Staatscourant) and the procedure will be carried out by the Chamber.


    The tax ID must be obtained, so the investor must submit a registration form at the local tax authority. A separate income tax registration form must be provided. The necessary forms are available on the local tax authority or on the official website and must contain information about the company and the members.

    After registering a company in the Netherlands, the owner should hire an accountant to assist with tax, audit and financial advice.

    If you need the services of a Dutch lawyer, we can recommend our local lawyers who will provide legal assistance for your business activities. If you want to set up a company in another country, we can connect you with lawyers across Europe.


    Company's Establishment fee in the Netherlands

    Foreign entrepreneurs who register companies in the Netherlands usually consider the costs associated with them. Dutch companies must consider the following fees and taxes when they are established:

    • check and retain free companies;
    • The preparation and notarization fee for company documents is approximately 1,500 Euros, depending on the number of pages;
    • The company registration fee must be paid together with the Trade Registry, starting at 50 Euros;
    • Free registration with the Social Security Department;
    • Our fees are usually tailored to the company's registration services and other customer requirements.

    Dutch Economic Profile

    Due to the country's stable industry and economy, foreign investors have chosen to do business in the Netherlands. The main industrial activity in the Netherlands is the food industry. In the past few decades, millions of foreign traders have come to the Netherlands to start a company that has contributed to the country's economic growth.


    Almost a third of foreign investors decided to set up a private company in the Netherlands, mainly manufacturing. However, the motor industry as well as engineering products, chemicals, oil, and construction are also highly developed. However, due to the good relations between the Netherlands and the rest of the world, the Netherlands is very attractive to the formation of the company.


    Please contact us for assistance with a registered company in the Netherlands.


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