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    Ranked as one of the BEST places to start a new business

  • Country Economic Profile​

    One of the most robust economies in Western Europe

    Country Economic Profile​

    Bloomberg ranks the Netherlands as the 8th in Europe in the category of “Best Business Country”. The country’s strategic position as one of Europe’s main entry points has made the Netherlands a world-class business destination. The Dutch market has a strong consumer base. In addition, the Netherlands has a long history of business that propagate all over the world. In the global economic challenge, Dutch companies have found new ways to thrive and innovate. Dutch companies remain the leader in solving global challenges.

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  • Company formation within the Netherlands has been a popular choice for investors and entrepreneurs alike. several reasons build it a attractive ‘Gateway to outsiders’ eager to register new companies. To boot, import-export makes the hour of its gross domestic product, making Netherlands one of the foremost trade-dependent economies.

    • It has a stable economy
    • It boasts of a liberal trade and investment policy
    • It possesses strong entrepreneurial skills and efficacious trade standards
    • It has a high-quality infrastructure
  • Netherlands Economic Opportunities

    The Netherlands benefits from its stable position as a core member of the EU Union and straightforward travel at intervals the Schengen house. This offers many opportunities, as new trade routes and investments on the way aspect European nation borders square measure established. European nation is known for its accessibility to massive markets. The ports of city and so the Europoort port house unit of measurement connecting international trade with the object of Europe, ‘Europoort’ is Dutch for: ‘Gateway to Europe’. The country has maintained a twentieth position owing to the most important economy among the globe owing to the Dutch trade mentality and sturdy transportation infrastructure. The Dutchmen is stable, well educated, and completely bilingual, making it simple for accomplishment functions and addressing various cultures. This and so the EU company formation low worth makes European nation tons of attractive compared to various Western European countries.

  • Why set up business in the Netherlands?

    Netherlands means Business

    Best Location
    Excellent Business
    Superior Infrastructure
    No Language
  • Features of BV

    The BV (besloten vennootschap) is a private company with limited liability, Most common form of business structure in the Netherlands which allows 100% foreign ownership. All trading activities are permissible with no minimum investment criteria.

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  • Simple Requirements to open a company in Netherlands

    Documents and Information


    Identification Proof

    Passport copies of directors/shareholders.


    Latest Address Proof

    Latest utility bill of director/shareholders.


    Name your Company

    Suggested name of your Dutch BV company.


    Nature of Business

    Define your main business activities.

  • Frequently asked questions on incorporating Dutch BV Company

    Can I open a Dutch company if I'm not residing in the Netherlands?


    Yes, doing a business in The Netherlands is allowed for residents of any country. The Netherlands has very approachable rules for foreign investors.


    Which type of company do I need?


    For most foreign entrepreneurs the Dutch BV is the most appropriate type of company.


    Do I need to come by?


    A personal visit isn't required, however, it's going to be useful. It depends on the specific case.


    Do I need a business license?


    It depends on your endeavor, however, but most businesses in the Europe are not adapted with business licenses.


    How quickly can I incorporate a Dutch BV?


    If you'll be able to prepare or let your documents inside a brief time-frame, otherwise you will come back by to the Netherlands. This should be possible within 1-2 days.

  • Foreign investors who set up companies in the Netherlands often ask how long it takes to register a company with all authorities.

    The agenda of the Netherlands company incorporation procedure can be divided into:

    • It takes a few hours to select and retain the company's online program;
    • One day drafting and notarizing company registration documents;
    • It will take a day to register a company with the Dutch Companies Registry and obtain a tax identification number;
    • Registration with the tax authorities and for social security purposes will be completed on another day.
    Future business owners must also consider opening a bank account, which may take several days and find the company's location, which will also be the legal address of the business. This may take longer, but our International Business Advisors can guide them in choosing the right options.
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