Open a Company in Germany within 30 Days as an International Entrepreneur

Germany Company Formation

Germany is home to thousands of companies ranging from small ones to large conglomerates. This place of opportunity is the perfect place for International Entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in Germany. Also known as the home of innovation, it has a task-driven and committed workforce to offer so that you don’t fall short on talent. Most importantly, modern and transparent law makes it easier for foreigners to set up a company in Germany.

Gmbh Company Formation

There are many ways for establishing a business in Germany, however, the easiest one for foreign entrepreneurs is Gesellschaft mitbeschränkterHaftung (GmbH). It is basically a limited liability private company. A single person can start it and they will get 100% foreign ownership plus share capital of 25,000 Euros. Another alternative is Unternehmergesellschaft (UG) or mini-GmBH, best suited for businesses just starting their operations.  It does not require minimum capital and also offers 100% foreign ownership.

Friendly Tax System

The friendly tax system in Germany is a great factor for international entrepreneurs. It is because it determines the amount of profit your company will earn. New companies will have to pay the corporate tax. In addition, the German authorities levy the municipal trade tax on business profits which varies from one community to another. However, it does not exceed 18% in most of the cases.

Impartial German Law

When you open a Company in Germany, the law remains the same for a German and a foreigner. This is a very vital factor because law plays a great role in safeguarding your life, intellectual property and preventing copyright theft. Most importantly, it does not impose any restrictions on the repatriation of profits which works in the favour of international entrepreneurs with little capital. Thus, interested investors can get our help to successfully complete the Germany company formation process.


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